Individualized Basketball Training


Girls and Boys Individualized Basketball Training 


We offer a 12 month Individualized Basketball Skills Development program.

Mike Penberthy Los Angeles Lakers Shooting Coach


Hume Basketball creates confidence by emphasizing strong teaching in skill work and conditioning. Every practice requires 100% attention to detail. Daily discipline is recognized as a trait we encourage.  We work on fundamental ball handling & shooting drills along with game situations such as “getting open”, rebounding, attacking the rim, post play and being fresh in the 4th quarter.

We use the following technologies:

Gun 10k Basketball Shooting Machine

Real time analytics, phone app to track sessions, use of Shot Tracker software, measures 2 and 3 pointers.


Video analysis software that gives the players to see in real time how to improve and improve their shot mechanics.  Stored on the ICloud 24-7 for instant review.


Vertimax offers the worlds leading technology in regards to vertical jump and speed training systems.

The VertiMax V8’s patented jump training technology can load the legs and arms simultaneously to improve both explosive leg power and arm swing velocity to radically increase the vertical lift component and jumping height. Arm swing velocity accounts for 10 to 13 percent of vertical jump height and the V8 is the only vertical training system in the world that accounts for arm swing momentum when jump training.

Coach Hume is a Certified Vertimax Trainer and has trained over 700 athletes to date. 


Training individually is available on the Vertimax or Gun 10K shooting machine

Please call Coach Hume at 253-970-9965 for more info.