Year-Round Individual Basketball Training


HumebasketballZDecember 18, 2014

 Individual Basketball Training 

Next practice December 20, 2014  7-8:30 am 

Shooting on the Gun 8000 from 8:30-10:00 am 12-20-14  Sunday 12-21-14 2-4:30 pm.

Great insight from Coach Van Gundy!!!

We offer a year round Individual Basketball Skills Development program.  We teach players how to approach Basketball Skills development through:

  • Competition
  • Accountability
  • Goal setting

Hume Basketball creates confidence by emphasizing strong commitment and daily focus. Every practice requires 100% attention to detail. Daily discipline is recognized as a trait we encourage.  We work on fundamental ball handling & shooting drills along with game situations such as “getting open”, rebounding, attacking the rim, post play and so on.

We use the following technologies:

Gun 8000  -Online Tracking with Shot Tracker Software -1-17 different spots to shoot from. 10-30 feet -Shoot 500 shots in 30 minutes

Computerized Basketballs -Detailed analysis of your strengths and weaknesses. -Entry Arc, Release Speed, Ball Spin Rate -Dribble Control, Dribble Coordination, Dribble Speed

Noah Basketball -Average Arc vs Best Optimal Arc -Average Depth vs Best Optimal Depth -Skill score Team vs National Average

We use the same technology as  these basketball programs: Duke, North Carolina State,  Maryland, Wisconsin, UCLA,  Yale, Dartmouth, USC, Rutgers, Purdue, Seattle U, Louisville, Tennessee, New Mexico, Michigan, North Carolina, Washington State, University of Washington basketball teams.

“He who lacks (neglects) discipline despises himself…..”