Girls, Boys Individual Basketball Training


Girls and Boys Individual Basketball Training 

Foul Shooting Video Analysis

We offer a year round girls and boys Individual Basketball Skills Development program.  We teach players how to approach Basketball Skills development.



  • Competition
  • Accountability
  • Goal setting

Hume Basketball creates confidence by emphasizing strong commitment and daily focus. Every practice requires 100% attention to detail. Daily discipline is recognized as a trait we encourage.  We work on fundamental ball handling & shooting drills along with game situations such as “getting open”, rebounding, attacking the rim, post play and so on.

We use the following technologies:

Gun 8000 Basketball Shooting Machine 17 different spots to shoot from. 10-30 feet -Shoot 700 shots in 30 minutes, individualized shooting programs for all ages.

Noah Basketball -Average Arc vs Best Optimal Arc -Average Depth vs Best Optimal Depth -Skill score Team vs National Average We use the same technology as  these basketball programs: Duke, North Carolina State,  Maryland, Wisconsin, UCLA,  Yale, Dartmouth, USC, Rutgers, Purdue, Seattle U, Louisville, Tennessee, New Mexico, Michigan, North Carolina, Washington State, University of Washington basketball teams.