Computerized Basketball Skill Analysis

Individual Basketball Training with 94fifty computerized basketballs.




Hume Basketball offers advanced basketball training equipment by partnering with  This individual basketball skill analysis will increase the players shooting and dribbling skills.

Here’s how: with 6 wireless sensors and over 6000 different measurements per second the 94fifty basketballs give each individual player a snap-shot of their muscle memory skills.  With the wireless motion sensors inside the basketball it records the motion of the ball while the individual player performs a series of pre-defined drills.  This objective basketball tool measure’s and track’s the most important aspects of your game and that’s just the beginning.  This software is online and can be accessed from any mobile device.  It keeps the players attention by rating them worldwide.  94fifty offers engagement with the opportunity to seek positive results!


              Some questions basketball software can answer:

Can a player maintain good basketball shooting mechanics by testing on this software?

At what range does basketball shooting mechanics become less effective?

Can this show basketball players how to combine accuracy and speed?

What is the best basketball entry level arc and back spin for a made basket?

How long does the individual basketball player take to catch and release their shot?

How can improving rotations and revolutions help improve basketball player’s?

How much time does the basketball spend in your hands?

How hard are you dribbling the ball while completing the exact task?

How many basketball dribbles can you put on the floor within 20 seconds?

94fifty is a powerful personal basketball training tool that will increase the level of any individual basketball player’s game.  Hume Basketball training believes strongly in using the most highly advanced basketball specific software when developing players of all ages.


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Michael Conley Memphis Grizzlies

Duke, University of Maryland, North Carolina State, Wisconsin, Rutger’s, Yale, Dartmouth,  UCLA, USC basketball teams offers this basketball training tool to improve their mens/women’s basketball teams.



Hume Basketball offers the world’s leading basketball training equipment that is objective and online.

                                              “The Ball Don’t Lie”!