Next game:  February 26th, 2019.

09:00 AM-10:00 AM – SCSC Gymnasium Gym #1B   HUME – GOLD vs SOLORIO – BURGUNDY – CLIPPERS





09:00 AM-10:00 AM – SCSC Gymnasium Gym #1A   HARRIS – NAVY vs HUME – GOLD

Practice Friday 1-25-19 at 7-8 pm.


1-19-19 Next game!  Early one at 8 am.  Practice 1-18-19 at 7-8 pm.  Please bring your ball to practice (put name on it). Everyone should have received a photo packet.  Pictures will be on Saturday…..not sure when just yet….

08:00 AM-09:00 AM – SCSC Gymnasium Gym #1B   HUME – GOLD vs ALDERSON – BLACK – WOLVES


Great first game!!!  Hope everyone had a great time…..

Next Game 1-12-19:

09:00 AM-10:00 AM – SCSC Gymnasium Gym #1A   WASHINGTON – GREEN vs HUME – GOLD

1-1-19   Happy New Year!

First practice 1-4-19       7 pm SCSC Gym

First game…

09:00 AM-10:00 AM – SCSC Gymnasium Gym #1A   SOLORIO – BURGUNDY vs HUME – GOLD

Here are the rules for our league:

4 ten minute quarters with a running clock.

3 minute half time

No foul shots

No 3 sec rule in the key

Due to our level double dribble and traveling will be loosely enforced.

Defensive player may not steal the ball from opponent while they are dribbling, but may block a shot or steal a pass.

The league has requested that we wear black shorts.  I’d also like to request black socks so we look alike.

There is a box on the court under the rim area-we can’t play defense outside of that box.

Each player receives the same amount of playing time.  We will more than likely sub in as units but I won’t know that until game time.

We will not keep score.

If you have the time before Friday nights first practice please bring a 27.5 ball.  I’d like each player to have a ball for individual weekly practice.

At this age I will be working a lot on individual skills and fun.  It will be a free-for-all during games but hopefully the players will get better individually.

See you Friday!


Update:  We will be broadcasting our weekly games either on Youtube or Facebook “live”.  Please send a friend request to steventiffanyhume on Facebook and we will get the process started.



Here is our schedule for the year.      HUME GOLD


Hello Parents,

Thank you for visiting our team web page.  Our first practice will be January 4th, 7-8 pm 2019 at the Sports Complex.  Games will be at 8 or 9 am on Saturdays at the Sports Complex.

If any changes I will let everyone know ASAP.  The purpose of our team is to have a great time!  There is a a parents code of conduct that each parent must sign in order for your son/daughter to play.

My family just moved here from Washington state in July.  I have coached high school girls, boys and have trained over 550 players.  I am excited to meet with you and teach your son/daughter the fundamentals.

I will send updates as they come along and nail down an official date and time. 

Steven Hume



Youth Sports Mission Statement

The purpose of the City of Santa Clarita’s Youth Sports Program is to provide quality recreational sport experiences for the community’s youth through a positive atmosphere that values sportsmanship, development, and fun.


Youth Sports Philosophy

The primary objective of the Youth Sports program is for children to have fun through recreational sports! Each child should have the same opportunity to participate in a recreational sports activity regardless of talent or ability.  This values the individual and collective experiences of participants by providing a positive atmosphere that emphasizes sportsmanship and player development.  Success is not reflected in the score or standings, but is achieved through effectively teaching the skills and strategies of the game as well as building the character and self-esteem of children participating in the program.