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I’m so sorry I missed the dinner last night, my grandfather had a stroke a month or two back and can’t walk well anymore, I guess he tried to walk and fell and hit his face on the kitchen counter. He is doing ok now. I hope you guys have so much fun living in California and give my love to Tiffany. I’m sure I’ll come visit in Cali sometime soon. I did not get to say this yesterday but I want to thank you for everything, without you I’d at the very least be in prison, you showed a kid who had a drug addict father who was never good enough a strong guiding hand and how a man treats someone he cares for. I appreciate everything you and Tiffany have done for me.    Dietrich F.

One of the reasons to coach is helping someone who didn’t come from a good home life…..

The difference has become very evident over the years of training players.  The difference between players who come to the gym with passion and work ethic vs. those who just come to the gym to be with friends and have some fun.  I can give countless stories of athletes who have come through training who give their all every time they step on the floor to train and those who just show up.  Some players truly believe they are working hard but in all reality haven’t even scratched the surface of hard work.  I always ask what are you doing outside of the gym to improve your game?  This one question tells me quite a bit about passion.  Are you jumping rope, spending time with the ball, working on your defense, working on individual moves and so on.  Nine times out of ten most players aren’t doing these things then blaming the coach when the season comes around and they don’t get the playing time they, or their parents, think they deserve.  It is a hard character trait to find in many instances and really must come from within the player.  They have to bring the fire and determination every day and not get swayed off point.  In todays society with so many other things to do it is hard to focus on a singular task.  But I also see in the working world people think they are entitled to come in and earn a higher wage just off the bat without really contributing for any length of time before reaping the rewards.

Training players over the years has been very rewarding.  We have had over 500 players come through our doors.  There are many who really stand out.  Those are the players who truly understand “the difference”.

Coach Hume

June 2018

We coach to have a lasting impact on players lives……

Hey Steve it’s Jackie, I just wanted to tell you that I had high school basketball tryouts this week and I made junior varsity! I just wanted to say thank you for helping me become a better basketball player and person! Thank you for helping me believe in myself! You have helped me in incredible ways and I just wanted to say thank you for believing in me!

Isn’t this the reason we really get into coaching…..

Hey coach! Great to here from ya! Right now im in san diego for a world series baseball tournament, i just wanted to let ya know im planning on not trying out next year for basketball for various reasons mainly the time commitment, it was a very hard decision for me and you were probably the reason why it was so hard,  i don’t want to let you down and your opinion far out weighs any other basketball coach I’ve had by a longshot. I didnt want to give you the impression i was blowing off, thank you for all you’ve sone for me and i know for a fact you will be the coach i look back on and remember how you benefitted my life and unconsciously helped me through a very hard part of my life, i will never forget when you said you would be proud if your son turned out like me, that was and always will be the greatest compliment i will EVER get. Thank you for all you have done for me, and make sure you make them work!

In a recent ESPN article, Kobe Bryant went on record talking about the skill development of today’s youth basketball players was lacking due to the extreme number of basketball games they play. While we hear parents saying the same things to us, it seems like a trap that players fall into and don’t get out. Numerous parents are more interested in pushing their child to get a scholarship and get noticed. Playing games is important but it should never take time away from your daily skill development. As a basketball player, the time that you are truly building your work ethic, finding out how hard you can push yourself and improving your skill level isn’t spent playing games with your AAU Team in Vegas. It isn’t spent playing video games. It takes a methodical method of improvement and accountability Learning skill development is such a high priority in European countries. The San Antonia Spurs have 9 international players on their 2014-2015 roster. Time to put the work in.

May 2018

Does consistency matter?

We teach and preach consistency.  Those players who have dedicated themselves to consistency will accept accountability.  100% of the time consistent players have greater improvements.  We use monthly excel spreadsheets to track: shots, dribbling, mile run, jumping rope, plyometrics, defensive drills.  Each of those categories have specific meaning to each individual player.  Some players will only work on 1 part of their game that will bring them individual glory and not team glory.  We stress that in order to become the best they can, each category needs to be focused on.  At the end of the month we sit down and examine each category and then ask if they gave 100%.  Results are written down by the player so they can track their progress and really examine their future goals and if their work ethic will help them achieve their goal. Accountability is a wonderful tool.  If I have a player being lazy during any drill I will stop training and bring the whole group together and ask that player if they are giving their team 100%  If they are truthful I have them publicly apologize to the entire team and we get right back after it.  It takes only 1 point to lose a game.  Don’t let laziness be the reason for that 1 point.

April 2018

We teach players there is no “I” in team.  It isn’t about them but what they can bring to the 10-12 other players on the team.  We don’t teach individualism but team-ism.  Some parents have gone the other way and have left our program because their son or daughter is the “next’ thing on the horizon.  I personally am happy and sad to see them go.  We teach fundamentals: passing, shooting, defense, dribbling, quickness, plyometrics and rebounding. One person makes a mistake we all lose.  Only takes one point to lose a game.

We are lifting every morning at 6 am at Lake Stevens athletic club in Lake Stevens.  2-4-15

Great time of year!  Dante Lewis, point guard from Lake Stevens entered the 25,000 club on the Gun 8000 shooting machine.  He has shot just over 25,000 shots over the past couple years working on his game.

Homework from one of my shooters.  I ask them to write down 10 things they learned when we shoot together. Here’s that list.

Hi Coach,

Below is my 10 step shooting process that you requested:

1. line your big toe center with the hoop
2. have a base that is shoulder width apart
3. shoulders and hips square to the basket
4. your shooting hand elbow lined up with your big toe center to the hoop
5. shooting arm have a 90 degree bend
6. opposite hand on side of ball to support
7. shooting arm elbow in
8. count two seconds after shot
9. breathe out after shot
10. follow through

Let me know if I should change and/or add anything.

See you tonight!


Practices are made to make each player better.  Whether 9 years old or seniors in college, players will benefit from our intense training regime.  Over 70% of all players quit our program because hard work isn’t something they are willing to pursue.  Some parents think that 60 games a summer will improve their son or daughter.  But without consistent training and accountability that really isn’t a reality.

Summer time is when players are made.  Dedicated players are making daily preparations to improve.


No Practice today.  We are at the WIBCA Bellevue showcase watching a few of our players perform.

4-28-14    The passing of legendary coach Jack Ramsey..

As a young kid I listened to the Portland Trail Blazers on the radio.  Jack Ramsey was the coach and I really learned to love the game from this coach and group of players.  He taught unselfishness and team ball.  He loved conditioning.  If you have ever been to our practices you will see some of those same things taught in a tough, straight-forward manner.

1-24-14  Practice tonight with the Lake Stevens AAU programs.  Tomorrow morning at 7-8:30 am full practice then 8:30-12 pm individual lessons.

1-15-14  Great press release!

1-14-14  We have hired the 2010 NCAA D-1 top 3 point shooter who lives right in our back yard. Jared Stohl played for the University of Portland Pilots and shot 47.8% from the field as a junior.   Here’s his bio: UNIVERSITY OF PORTLAND 2009-10: NCAA leader in three-point percentage (.478) and 18th nationally in three-pointers made per game (3.1)…All-WCC Honorable Mention…played in all 32 games and started the final 15 games…98 three-pointers made tied for second most in UP single-season history…established new school and Chiles Center record with 10 three-pointers made in a 10-for-15 effort versus Idaho…hit five or more three-pointers in seven games this season…245 career three-pointers made are first in UP history and eighth in WCC history…ranks second on the UP career charts for three-point percentage (.453)…averaged 28.3 minutes per game and 11.5 points per game

UNIVERSITY OF PORTLAND 2008-09:  Jared Stohl All-WCC honorable mention … finished third nationally in 3-point percentage (.456) … led the WCC in 3-pointers made (89) … set a school record with nine 3-pointers vs. San Francisco en route to a career-high 33 points … placed third on the UP season charts for 3-pointers made … enters season ranked second in UP history for career 3-point percentage (.438) and fifth in 3-pointers made (147) … made at least one 3-pointer in 30 of 32 games … five or more 3-pointers in four games … second on the team in scoring (11.2).
UNIVERSITY OF PORTLAND 2007-08: Jared Stohl Set a UP freshman record with 58 3-pointers made … placed seventh overall on the UP season charts for a single-season and was 10th in season 3-point percentage (.411) … made at least one 3-pointer in 28 consecutive games to start the season and finished second in the WCC in 3-pointers per game (1.9) and fourth in 3-point percentage … started 13 games, including a short stint at point guard early in the season and then the team’s final nine games at the two guard spot … scored season-high 14 points versus LMU Feb. 9 and at San Diego on Feb. 16 … drilled four three-pointers in three games: vs. Liberty, vs. LMU and at San Diego.
MARYSVILLE-PILCHUCK HS: Jared Stohl: Four-year starter for the Tomahawks … two-time WesCo League Player of the Year … four-time all-league and three-time all-area selection … school’s all-time leading scorer … averaged over 20 points per game both his junior and senior seasons … led team to district tournament all four years and the state playoffs as a senior … suffered a knee injury that prevented him from playing in the state playoffs as a senior.

12-31-13  Tomorrow from 9-10:30 am Testing day for Hume Basketballers!!!

12-31-13   Congratulations to Jackson, Rainer Beach and Garfield boys basketball teams for winning their tournaments!

12-11-13  Arlington High School Girls-Coach Joe Marsh

Coach Marsh runs a demanding practice with key attention to details.  His players worked hard the whole practice and there seemed to be a very good unity among the players.  Lots of transition drills, communication and spacing stressed.  I was happy to see that the JV team was using the Heavy Balls to do some conditioning work as well.  Arlington High School Girls should be poised to make some noise come tournament time.  They have played in the big games and Coach Marsh has his foot on the pedal and this years team will be fun to watch.

12-9-13  Mike Penberthy Professional Shooting coach-Lakers, Nuggets, Pacers- 

Recently I asked Mike what he keys in on when teaching pro guys how to shoot better.  “The fundamentals are the key.  Backspin, Arc, Balance, Rhythm all play a part.  Every player has a weakness in one of those key areas”  Repetition and focus on the fundamentals really separates the good from the great shooters.

12-8-13   Seattle University Coach Cameron Dollar-

While on vacation my family and I went to see Seattle U play Cal State Fullerton.  Seattle U has had its ups and downs since Coach Dollar took over this program, but he has really worked hard with his staff to bring in the right kind of players and I think this year will be his best.  Seattle U got off to a fast start and never looked back.  At this point they are doing well and as they move into conference play they should really stretch teams this season.

12-8-13.  Arch Bishop Murphy HIgh School Boys Varsity Jamar Williams.

One of the truly nice guys in coaching. Coach Williams came over and chatted for about 15 minutes while conducting practice.  The day I went was the football banquet so about 5-7 players weren’t there.  Players were working on certain out of bounds plays, offensive sets and individual player development drills. Arch Bishop will have its hands full this year but as the season progresses they will be in the thick of it.

12-8-13  Lake Stevens High School Girls Varsity-Coach Randall Edens.

Prior to coaching at Lake Stevens High School Coach Edens coached with Rick Skeen up at Burliington-Edison now at Kings high school.  Explains a lot.  Coach Edens has a young team this year but he really emphasized with his girls doing the little things right.  One thing I noticed was when he gave a water break all the girls sprinted over drank some water then huslted back to a rim to for on some part of their game(all without being asked).  I liked that!  Coach ran through some offenses and some really nice fast break conditioning drills.  The Lake Stevens Girls will be fun to watch again this year.

12-8-13  (Back from Vacation)

11-26-13 Snohomish High School Boys Basketball Coach Len Bone

Coach Bone  has found different ways to win for many years now.  Attending practice you can see why.  Not equipped with much talent again this year Coach Bone gets the most out of what he has.  Practice was a crisp 120 minutes with each of those minutes being accounted for.  From 5-0 fast breaks to foul shooting, practice was upbeat and lively.  His instruction was detailed orientated and he was in mid-season form.

11-26-13  Jackson High School Boys BasketballCoach Stephen Johnson

This years Jackson High School basketball team will have very high expectations.  Returning 11 out of 12 players who finished up as runner-up in the 4A State Championship.  Practice was a very efficient session.  Coach Johnson isn’t a yeller and the whole practice was to the point and calm. The initial 45 minutes were a warm up with various teaching points on defense, out of bounds plays and sideline out of bounds plays.   Coach Johnson emphasizes the basics of looking at the rim, staying low on defense and communicating by calling out screens and letting your teammate know you are coming to set a screen.  Coach Johnson’s practices are just like games, controlled, efficient and calm under pressure.  The Jackson High School basketball team will be very entertaining to watch this season.

11-25-13 State 4A Champions Curtis VikingsI’ve been looking forward to this practice for a while and I wasn’t disappointed.  You could cut the intensity with a knife.

IMG_1931[1]Bodies were flying, tempers were brimming and it was great!  This years team will be vastly different than last years state title run.  Players are hungry and I am sure that is why the trophy is on display.  Coach Tim Kelly always stresses defense first in all practices and 100% effort is required at all times.  It will be interesting to see how this team gels over the season.  They ran a 3/3 full court no dribble drill.  No real fouls called.  Very intense to say the least.  This will be the first year Curtis has had a “C” team.  The Curtis High School boys basketball team will surely compete this year on defense and intensity.


Marysville Pilchuck Boys Basketball-Coach Barry Gould-The one word I would say about this practice was the  word “positive”.  Barry started off the practice reminding the players they were in charge of their attitudes.  Through-out the practice that constant theme of positive influence could be seen and heard.  Marysville Pilchuck basketball boys varsity  looks to make some noise this year with some fairly good players.

Marysville Getchell Boys Basketball-Coach Corby Schuh-Coach Schuh doesn’t have a lot of talent this year.  But he does run an extremely efficient practice.  Players were sprinting up and down the court, working hard during each drill.  Players worked on the basic’s to start practice then progressed to more advanced drills as the practice moved forward.  One thing I didn’t notice was a warrior mentality.  I couldn’t really see who was the leader no did anyone stand out or take a charge on any drills. Coach has done a great job with these boys and has the Marysville Getchell Boys Basketball program is  headed in the right direction.

Cascade High School Boys Basketball-Coach Daryl McNeal.  There is no question as to who is in charge for the Bruins this year.  The team has been working hard all off season and Coach Daryl is expecting the turn-a-around to happen pretty quickly.  There is some talent within this group and if they stay close could turn some heads as the season progresses.  The Cascade Boys Basketball program will be ready.

Kamiak High School-Coach Cory West-Coach West will have his hands full this year.  The players aren’t very talented.  I noticed not a lot of intensity or communication at practice.  The practice was well structured and players worked on the shell drill, denying the post entry, conditioning, out of bounds plays and so on.  It’s always hard for me to see a coach who works really hard but doesn’t have the players who are committed.

Lake Stevens High School Boys Basketball-Coach Mark Hein. Coach Hein runs a very efficient practice. This will be a rebuilding year it seems. The players worked hard during practice. 4/4 shell drill, basic shooting drills. As the new crop of players comes to understand team defense & communication they should be well prepared for what lies ahead.  The Lake Stevens Boys basketball program’s future is bright!


Yesterday I spent about 90 minutes with Arlington Eagles coach Nick Brown.  If you ever want to see a good practice go.  Coach Brown is passionate about the game of basketball.  His teaching style is one of asking lots of questions to his players and then they respond immediately.  He is animated, elbows raised, demonstrating the  right way to do things.  He has three returning starters from last years squad.  His team has some real potential  as long as they pay attention to the details.  One of his teaching points yesterday was sprinting to set a screen.  The “fist” is held up in this situation to let a teammate know it is coming, but coach really emphasized the offensive player setting up the defense then running by and throwing the arm up so the defender doesn’t get to squeeze by the picker. Coach Brown wants his team to be know as “those guys that set great picks”.  Look for Arlington Boys Basketball program  to make some noise come playoff time.


Heard from many of my players yesterday.  First day of high school practice.  Overall sentiment was they were well conditioned and lots of their teammates didn’t fare so well.  The importance of  conditioning in a fun environment filled with accountability makes all the difference.  Focusing on the task at hand and being the best player in every drill must be something that is learned then shared with others so they can reach their potential as well.  It is called team work!


It is that time of year again!  Hoop season is right around the corner.  To help our players improve we have purchased the Noah Basketball and another Gun 8000 shooting machine.  Technology has come a long ways and is really helping players understand the game better and how to approach Individual Basketball Skill Development.


This is why I coach!  “Hey coach, it’s nick from basketball.  I would like to thank you for everything.  At tryouts everybody commented on how much improvement they had seen from my last year and I owe it all to you!  See you tomorrow night!”

September 24th.  Gun 8000 Basketball Shooting.  Players now have the opportunity to work on their shots with the Gun 8000.  We have 5 different levels of shots from 300 shots up to 3300 hundred shots.  Players will be analyzed with video and computerized basketballs for shot improvements.  Please contact us with any questions.

August 26th.  I recently had a parent remark that they really liked the practices because their kids are held accountable.  Over the course of the past couple years we have had over 70 players quit Hume Basketball.  I am fine with that.  Basketball is a passion of mine.  If you are going to make it in life then demands and accountability need to be front and center.  I’ve heard all the reasons kids quit and parents think they are doing the right thing by allowing their son/daughter to quit in the face of adversity.  It is a shame.  Put in the work, don’t complain and let the chips fall where they may.  But don’t give excuses. My program isn’t easy.  Life isn’t easy.  I wouldn’t do it any other way.  Interesting observation-the older kids  who generally come to my practices are generally the ones who quit the fastest.  Older players know what it is to be lazy.  Younger players just give it their all and don’t know any better but to work hard for 90 minutes.  I look forward to being these kids coach for life!

July 3rd, 2013

Tonight at 5:30 or 7:00 pm.  Tons of shooting drills, 2 ball dribbling, jumping rope, plyometrics.  I always look forward to see who is going to keep coming and not quit!  You can tell a lot about the “drive” of certain players who shows up consistently-

July 1st, 2013

Had a great week in West Virginia working with Jerry Faulkner and Jim Clayton(both of whom have DVD’s on Championship productions)

The week was non-stop 9 am to 9 pm everyday.  Players from Kentucky, Ohio, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, West Virginia  were in attendance.  Couple players had well over 20 D1 scholarship offers already.  It was a great camp with intense learning taking place.  Look forward to next year!

June 7th, 2013

This week I had a player come up and with a beaming smile said he had increased his vertical 7 inches in 4 months.  Very dedicated player.  Hasn’t missed any sessions.  This is why I love doing what I do.  To see someone reach a goal and to know that they set out to do something and then accomplished it is a humbling thing to be a part of.

Tonight we will be doing Plyometrics, Jumping rope, off the dribble shooting, wall sits, catch and shoot and 2 ball dribbling drills

5-27-28 to 5-28-13

Both days at the Marysville-Pilchuck tournament.  Teams from around the region are kicking off their summer schedule.


One of the biggest disappointments is when players think playing 50 games a summer is going to improve their individual game.  Individual skill development is such a lost art.  Parents buy into the fact that they should pay X number of dollars to watch their son/daughter travel around and play in games.  What does that prove?  If a player has bad habits how will that be adjusted during a game or at a practice?  How is the player to know what they are doing is right or wrong without proper teaching of techniques?


I’ve been asked to travel to Las Vegas July 1-3rd and train 40 players hoping to make it in the NBA this next season.  It is a great opportunity!  We will be training at the Jerry Tarkanian Center.  It is a private workout with many NBA GM’s in attendance.

Thanks to Jerry Faulkner and Jim Clayton for this opportunity!


This week I am in Oregon watching the 6A state basketball championships.  Lake Oswego is 27-0 after Southridge in the final moments missed the front end of a 1/1 twice that could have changed the outcome.  Little things make a big difference.

In the second game West Linn was down 1 with 3.1 seconds left and their player went to the line and hit both shots for a 51-50 win.  Once again little things make a big difference.


From Thursday to Saturday night I saw every game played at the Tacoma Dome.  Best highlights of course was watching the Curtis Vikings take care of Garfield then Jackson for the State 4A Championship.  I always felt Curtis was going to win it all.  They don’t have one Division 1 player on their roster but played as a complete team with everyone contributing.  Before the season started I tested Dom Robinson and Dominique Jordan on the 94fifty motion sensor basketballs.  It showed how both of them were average shooters with slow release speed, flat release arch and entry arch.  It was something that motivated them to really work on their shots during the season and it paid off in the WIAA State Championship.  Our first title since 1971.  Next year watch out for the Jackson squad again who should be the early season favorite.


Truly my favorite time of year.  State tourney is just around the corner.  I will be at the Tacoma Dome Thursday-Saturday of next week then down in Oregon for the 6A Championships at the Rose Garden.  I have a great job!

Curtis Viking are my pick of course to be the 4A State Champions.  But they will probably have to get through the Garfield Bulldogs in that game.


Current state rankings:


1. Bothell (13-0)
2. Garfield (11-1)
3. Jackson (14-0)
4. Central Valley (12-0)
5. Federal Way (11-2)
6. Richland (12-3)
7. Curtis (12-1)   Moving on up!
8. Union (9-4)
9. Eastmont (12-1)
10. Newport (10-3)
Out: Olympia (8-3)

1. Lincoln (11-1)
2. Seattle Prep (13-1)
3. Rainier Beach (11-3)
4. Mercer Island (13-1)
5. Kamiakin (14-2)
6. Lakeside (10-2)
7. Foss (9-3)
8. Mountlake Terrace (11-2)
9. Franklin (11-3)
10. Shorewood (11-3)
Out: Glacier Peak (11-3)

1. Renton (14-0)
2. Lynden (12-1)
3. White River (12-2)
4. Pullman (14-1)
5. West Valley (Yakima) (12-2)
6. Clover Park (9-5)
7. Sequiem (10-3)
8. Centralia (11-3)
9. Wapato (10-2)
10. Washougal (10-4)
Out: Ellensburg (9-3), Mark Morris (9-4)


Hume Basketball Channel   Latest game and testing videos.


Great post by Alan Stein    World class Trainer: 9 keys to motivating players


Kobe Bryant on Dwight Howard’s foul shooting: ” I think it all depends on how you’re raised, how you’re taught the game from when you were little,” Bryant said. “I think that’s why it’s such a critical thing in how we develop our player’s growing up, whether it’s AAU and all these other camps.  I think they pretty much wanted (Howard) to play inside the paint his entire career, ever since he was 12 years old.  they wanted him to dunk everything and finish everything at the rim.

They didn’t want him shooting it because he was bigger than everybody, and, as a consequence, they left out the shooting aspect of his game”

 (An important opinion from Kobe Bryant on how developing at a young age the right mechanic’s and focusing on the complete individual basketball player’s game is often times overlooked)


The most unlikely player on the roster made a most unforgettable shot for Butler.  A walk-on Alex Barlow drove in for a spinning 6 ft jumper with 2.4 seconds left in overtime and the Bulldogs toppled #1 Indiana 88-86 saturday for their first victory over a top-ranked team in school history.  ( A great story line about someone who wasn’t offered a scholarship but continued to work hard daily in practice, earned minutes and was involved in a historic moment for the Butler Bulldogs!)  ESPN 


Watching the #1 rated high school team in America. Simeon (IL) playing Desoto in Texas and Archbishop Mitty against Travis. Some really good high school teams running very basic plays with great execution.


We drove down to watch the Blazers play the Raptors tonight in Portland. John Townsend is the shooting coach for the Raptors and it was good to spend time with him for a few hours prior to the game.


High School Ratings according to the Seattle Times….

Class 4A

1. Bothell 17-11
2. Federal Way 16-9
3. Bellarmine Prep (Tacoma) 24-5
4. Garfield (Seattle) 20-7
5. Jackson (Mill Creek) 19-7
6. Central Valley (Spokane Valley) 22-4
7. Richland 15-10
8. Union (Vancouver) 21-8
9. Issaquah 14-10
10. Gonzaga Prep (Spokane) 16-8

Class 3A

1. Rainier Beach (Seattle) 27-3
2. Lincoln (Tacoma) 18-9
3. Franklin (Seattle) 17-8
4. University (Spokane) 21-5
5. Kamiakin (Kennewick) 23-3
6. O’Dea (Seattle) 21-9
7. Foss (Tacoma) 13-8
8. Seattle Prep 24-6
9. Mountlake Terrace 23-3
10. Mercer Island 21-9

Class 2A

1. Lynden 24-4
2. Clover Park (Lakewood) 23-6
3. White River (Buckley) 25-6
4. Mark Morris (Longview) 18-6
5. Pullman 22-4
6. West Valley (Yakima) 15-10
7. Renton 10-14
8. River Ridge (Lacey) 15-9
9. Ellensburg 19-6
10. Sammamish (Bellevue) 15-9



Last night I took some of the players to watch and analyze a junior college game.  They were required to watch the game with an analytical eye learning what players at a higher level did and didn’t do well.

We then reviewed after the game each of their observations and how they could use what they learned in their own games.

Very worth while exercise.


Weight Training:  For the athlete that aspires to play at the next level weight training is a must.  I recently went to a D-1 Basketball practice.  Practice started at 5 but the team was in the weight room at 3:30pm.  I arrived early to see what the workout would entail.  The head trainer had the guys going through an intense workout-leg day.  When they were done I asked him if this was the norm.  He concurred.  When the league play begins he said they will taper off a bit but for now weight training is a 12 month program.

One thing to remember-you are either getting better or not.  You are developing your body and increasing strength, flexibility and endurance and that takes work.  Most high school programs that I visit have the opposite mentality.  We have all heard the excuses that weight training throws your shot off, affects your legs and so on.  Done correctly weight training is one of the most important things an aspiring athlete can do.  I’ve studied major high school programs across America and the great programs instill weight training without hesitation.


Quote from Kevin Eastman-Assistant coach Boston Celtics-“The bench is so important to the success of a successful team. They often have to look at their role as an acronym: Restore Our Lost Energy”.  R.O.L.E.


The STR8 basketball shooter is a great tool at helping players maintain a straight wrist when shooting the ball.  It also helps you keep your hand in the middle of the ball which forces players to work on proper mechanics and a perfect follow-through.


Personal Basketball Trainer/Training blog.

I think the game in some aspects have drifted away from fundamentals. I travel around going to as many high school and college practices as I am able.  I will share different things I learn and pass them along.  Whether you are a coach, a player or fan, I hope you enjoy learning new things from some very good teachers.

Personal Basketball Trainer teaching players from Everett, Lake Stevens, Seattle, Arlington, Monroe, Woodinville, Shoreline, Tacoma, Bellevue, Snohomish, Lynnwood, Stanwood, Duvall, Granite Falls.