Foul Shot Analysis

Learning how to become a better free throw/foul shooter takes time and perseverance. Proper mechanics and focus are vital parts of becoming a great foul shooter. Learning how to improve your foul shot with the latest technologies has become a vital part of training players today. We teach players at all levels how to make foul shots, how to improve their foul shooting percentages, how to shoot consistently, proper arch, ball spin, ball position, one motion and much more. Improving your foul shot will take time and dedication, focus and a desire to improve so when the game is on the line the ball is in your hands.

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Shooting Video Analysis

Coach Hume’s shooting % at a clinic at a Nike clinic at Grand Canyon University 2016


We use the world’s leading basketball specific technologies when teaching players how to shoot the ball from anywhere.  Proper foul shooting mechanics are greatly improved with Hudl, Gun 10K basketball shooting machine.  We work on all phases of shots from foul shooting, mid-range out to the three point line.

We are equipped to help players anywhere in the world through the use of computer technology.

Please click on the link below to learn more about the importance of foul shooting late in games by Huge Crews (PHD Statistician)

In the final 4 minutes of a game foul shots account for over 60% of the points scored.


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