Vertimax training 

College Study using the Vertimax

Vertimax offers the worlds leading technology in regards to vertical jump and speed training systems.

The Vertimax V8 load’s the legs and arms simultaneously to improve both explosive leg power and arm swing velocity to radically increase the vertical lift component and jumping height. Vertimax arm swing velocity accounts for 10 to 13 percent of vertical jump height and the V8 is the only vertical training system in the world that accounts for arm swing momentum when jump training.



Explosive strength refers to an individual’s ability to exert a maximal amount of force in the shortest possible time interval. Developing explosive power or conditioning an athlete to generate more force in shorter time intervals is exactly what the Vertimax V8 was specifically designed to do. Regardless of the sport, Vertimax elevates any athlete’s ability to generate force faster to create a more competitive athlete at any level.

From the professional level to youth athletes as young as 7 years old, Vertimax can optimally develop power, speed and important forms of core and functional strength to help stabilize athletes and reduce injuries.