Refurbished/Used Gun 8000 For Sale

June  2019

Refurbished/Used Gun 8000’s For Sale 

Gun 8000 Basketball Shooting Machines

For information or pricing please contact us at: or 253-970-9965   Financing available for schools. 

Gun 8000 series

Gun 8000 pull up jumper drill

Gun 8000 foul shooting drill

Gun 8000 shooting drill

Gun 8000 Individual Shooting Drill

Gun 8000 form shooting drill

Gun 8000 Team shooting drill

The Gun 8000 Series is the most advanced basketball shooting tool available on the market today.  The Gun 8000 helps improve memory muscle by shooting repetition and by showing the basketball player their shot percentage from each area on the floor.  Whether elbow to elbow, slot to corner, targeted shots, 3 pointers to foul line, the Gun 8000 series is second to none.  Each basketball player knows immediately their shooting percent. From 17 different spots on the floor the player can instantly see their results.

You will find the Gun 6000/Gun 8000 series in 96% of all NBA teams and most Division 1 programs across America.

Hume Real Estate Basketball is devoted to bringing in the best basketball equipment to train our players.  Through repetition, instruction to detail and plain hard work we will develop your Individual basketball shooting and dribbling  game to its highest level.