Player/Parent Testimonials
Working with Hume Basketball has made me want to push my game to the next level. I’ve always wanted to play in college but I never really had the capability to play. Now, after working with Hume for just 2 months, he has made it a reality. His coaching style is that of a college trainer, His exercises are intense and fast. I’ve gained 4-5 inches on my vertical and my ball handling and shooting has increase tremendously. I’ve learned more in the 2 months working with Hume Basketball than I have in my whole high school career. He will not only improve your game physically but mentally too. He reminds you of your goals when you feel like giving up, he will remind you while you’re here and how giving up is not an option. Hume’s program has helped me with my weaknesses and also helped me make my strengths even stronger. I’ve became a smarter, more confident basketball player. Coach Hume can turn an average basketball player into a great one if you want him to. I guarantee you will walk out of his training 5x the player you were when you walked in.  Eric M.
My 15 yr old son has attended Hume Basketball  for 3 years now.  He has gained confidence and discipline in his game.  I  now have my 16 yr old and 11 yr old daughters enrolled in Hume Basketball..  It is great to see my children get up at 6am (on their own) on Saturday morning to endure Steve’s demanding program.  I believe this is not just about basketball but also about disciplining oneself for life.  I trust Steve as a coach and a person. I mean the TRUST part whole heartedly!!!
Our son started training with Hume Basketball just prior to this basketball season. We have noticed a big jump in Hunter’s confidence on the court, his shooting ability has also really improved at the free throw line, driving to the hole and just all around shooting. Hunter has an intense passion for basketball and has always had the work ethic to put in the training on his own but now under Steve’s direction he has a specific training program and goals for himself. We like how Steve will pick apart a shot. He breaks it down step by step while having the kids practice it. This sets them up for moves during a game so that it is second nature to them. This training program is not for the faint of heart, be prepared to work hard and you will see the results on the court!
Jim & Misty Watkins
Testimonial from Hunter: In my training with Hume Basketball I have learned you can’t give 90% it’s 100% or nothing. All given at 100% intensity and at game speed. These aren’t team exercises, it’s you vs. yourself. This program teaches you a more fundamental jump shot breaking everything you do down into sections that you need to work on. Steve gives you moves that will actually wok against live defense.  We get into shape a lot quicker by doing a ton of jump roping, plyometrics and really hard workouts. If you decide to come and train with Steve don’t come on a half nights sleep.
Through out the course of our son’s basketball training he has had the pleasure of being coached, mentored and trained by numerous trainers since the age of 8 years old.  Trainers across the border in Canada to some of the top select programs in the State of Washington, with no true success.  We were determined and supportive of our son’s in his abilities and finding a trainer who would guide, coach, train, push, and motivate our son to preform to his maximum potential.  He started training with Hume Basketball Program in the fall of 2012.  When we met Coach Steven Hume he had informed our son, he would need to prepare himself for a challenging training experience.  His initial training session was difficult to complete in the beginning.    After leaving the training our son stated it was the best basketball training he had ever experienced.  He mentioned that he wanted Coach Hume to work with him until he graduates from High School.  We were surprised to hear the comment after only spending a couple hours with Coach Hume.  It’s not only important to us as a family that we find a Basketball trainer that can make our son reach his highest potential, It’s also important that we find a trainer that can connect with him, and also keep him completely focus on reaching his goals and bringing the best out of him.  We instantly knew that once we met Coach Hume that he was a wonderful trainer.  We knew we finally found a trainer who truly shares the same passion of basketball as our son.   The return on investment has been totally rewarding.   The first two months of training with Hume Basketball our son was selected to the Junior Varsity High School team (4A) as a freshman.  Coach has continued to build a relationship with our son by attending his games, posting his training for him to review and improve on his ability.  We have found it to be an important teaching tool.  Coach Hume has also worked on his leadership skills, strength, and agility.  We truly feel Coach Steve Hume’s training program is well organized and rewarding.  His passion for the game of basketball clearly exemplified when he is working with the players.  We look forward to having Coach Hume continue working with our son, developing him into his ultimate goal, which is an elite player. 
Thank you Coach for all your hard work and dedication.
 Alvin and Yvette Lewis
We knew from the very first training session that this is NO JOKE… the intensity from start to finish, to the verbalizing of personal goals from each player as reminders when they start feeling like giving up.We were looking for someone to bring our son to the next level in his game and we found it! We as parents love that each player is held to the highest level of accountability both mentally and physically that can push a college bound student/ athlete to the “rookie” just wanting to get better. Breaking bad habits with repetitious fundamental drills in all aspects of the game from shooting,ball handling and everything in between to help create a well balanced player.  If any of these things interest you or your player… Hume Basketball is your starting point!
 Cook Family Everett, WA
Player testimonial:
 In every training session with Coach Hume it never gets boring and its always a guessing game, and that’s something I absolutely love. He pushes me to my limits and I can feel myself growing stronger as a player. When I first started the sessions I wasn’t a very good shooter, now after 2 months with Coach Hume, I’m 25/30 from the free throw line this season. All the success I’ve had this season I owe to him.
Cameron Cook-Cascade High school
Hume Basketball  gave me the edge I needed to push my game to the next level. His coaching provided me with intensity that truly cannot be reached when training alone. Hume’s program allowed me to pinpoint my weaknesses and turn them into strengths. Anybody can train to their strengths, but with Coach Hume’s program my overall game was improved. Steve Hume’s system not only helped improve my physical game, but my mental game as well. I became a smarter, more confident basketball player. I have continued to use his speed and agility drills and now have a vertical leap over 40 inches. His program helped me take my game from the high school level to the college level.
Nick Forsythe, Marysville Pilchuck High School Varsity Basketball Captain 2009,
Pacific Lutheran University Varsity Basketball NCAA D3
Nick Forsythe
 Hume Basketball has drills, workout plans and the coaching style to improve your game right when you step on floor. My speed and quickness increased and vertical jump increased after two months going two times a week with Hume. My overall game also improved with the dribbling and shooting drill. I shot over 44%this past season from doing shooting workouts. Oh and you will be pushed to your limit!
Luke Hamlin Player of the Year WESCO.
Luke Hamlin-Seattle Pacific University
My Daughter asked me for help with her game because she felt like she was losing her edge as she got older and other teams grew stronger. So i looked at the  Hume Basketball individual basketball training program web site and it seemed like it would help. I then took her to one of the Saturday morning practices and to my surprise in only 3 training sessions after the initial practice the Hume basketball training lifted my daughters confidence and provided her with the extra drive/mechanics that she was lacking. I give all the the credit to Coach Steve and his ability to teach proper the mechanics for shooting and how to handle the ball. His intensity and pushing the kids to their full potential is not normally seen in any other training program that I have researched. In only one session Coach Steve worked on my daughters free throw technique and to my amazement her percentage went from 50 % to 80%! Hume Basketball uses state of the art tools like the 94fifty and the Gun 8000 takes every individuals game to the next level. We are looking forward to each and every training session.
If your child wants to be challenged to their full potential this is the program that will work! Hard work with personal accountability focused on personal best  with team dedication is driven into each session.
John and Ashley
Stanwood (AAU and Jr High basketball)