Gun 10K Basketball Shooting Machine

Gun 10K Shooting Machines for sale


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The all new Shootaway 10k Gun basketball shooting machine is the worlds leading basketball shooting machine.  The Gun 10K basketball shooting machine includes a touch screen with Shoot-A-Ways’ patented Touch Spot Programming.  The new display has the ability to show Real Time Analytics, showing shooting % and ratios at 11 different area around the court.  The basketball shooting machine Gun 10k is our latest member of the basketball shooting machines on the market today.


Shootaway Gun 10k.

Real time analytics are sent to your phone with all our new app.  Your workouts are quickly uploaded for analysis.  The Gun 10k basketball shooting machine tracks 2 and 3 point shots and Free Throws reporting statistics in real time on the touch screen.

What’s New

  1. Real Time Analytics
  2. Smart Phone App
  3. Coaching App
  4. Touch Screen
  5. Makes in a Row
  6. Speaker System
  7. Post Passer
  8. Heart Rate