Refurbished/Used Gun 8000 For Sale


Refurbished/Used Gun 8000 For Sale

If you would like a quote on a new or used Gun 8000 Basketball shooting machine  please email or call/text 253-970-9965. 



 Here are the features for our new and used Gun 8000 Series:

Quick and Easy Setup – Allows  setup and take down of the Gun 8000 in less than 30 seconds!

Gun Shot TrackerTrack players shooting sessions from 17 different spots then upload’s them to the internet.

Unmatched Basketball Shooting Repetition – The Gun 8000 series gives your players the capacity to get up to 1800 shots in 60 minutes.

Proper Basketball Arch – The see-through adjustable net forces players to shoot with more arch on the Gun 8000 series.

Spot-to-Spot Programming – The hand touch scoreboard allows you to shoot from spots dedicated to your offensive system!

Challenge Basketball Mode – Enables your players on focus on “made shots” rather than just fun shots without accountability.

Computerized Scoreboard – Your players get instant visable feedback on the Gun 8000 Series and can compete in every shooting session!

Remote Control – Allows you to control drills and workouts from anywhere in the gym!

Optional Ticket Printer – After practice a player can be given a printout for their records.

5 Year Warranty – Provides the reliability and dependability your program needs to keep shooting and improving!

Custom Colors and Logo – School pride at no extra charge!

The new-used Gun 8000 offers players the ability to be in game-like situation.  Intensity, passing & conditioning, spacing and shooting all can play a factor in trainings if done properly.

If you would like a quote on the Gun 8000/Gun 6000 series please email or call. or 253-970-9965