Shootaway Gun 6000 For Sale. New or Refurbished…


Shoot-A-Way Basketball Gun 6000 For Sale. New or Refurbished…


Please call/text Steve Hume at 253-970-9965 or email for a no obligation quote.  Financing is available for schools. 

Shoot-A-Way Gun 6000 For Sale

The Gun 6000 Shooting Machine

The Gun 6000 Shooting Machine

The Shoot-A-Way Gun 6000 basketball shooting machine is a great tool for dramatically improving your basketball players shot. The Gun Shoot-
A-Way 6000 basketball shooting machine
will act as an individual rebounder and give a direct game like pass for another shot. The Gun 6000 is a great starter machine at any level of play.

The Shoot-A-Way Gun 6000 Series Basic Model Includes:

• Free 5 Year Warranty
• Free Custom Colors
• Free Logo with furnished artwork
• Setup in less than 60 seconds
• Adjustable high net up to 14 feet
• Adjustable throw 15-35 feet
• Throws to one spot or rotates around to 9 different spots

Gun 6000 Dimensions

Gun 6000 Dimensions

Shoot-A-Way Gun 6000 dimensions:

48 x 78 x 28

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