Refurbished/Used Gun 6000 For Sale


Refurbished/Used Gun’s 6000 For Sale

Please call/text Steve at 253-970-9965 or email for a quote on a used Gun 6000 shooting machine.

The Refurbished/Used Gun 6000 basketball shooting machine is a great tool for dramatically improving your basketball players shot. The Gun 6000 basketball shooting machine will act as an individual rebounder and give a direct game like pass for another shot. Our used Gun’s 6000 are great starter machine’s for any level.  The refurbished Shootaway Gun 6000’s are all sanded-repainted and updated at our plant in Ohio.

The Gun 6000 Series Basic Model Includes:

• Sturdy steel construction (think extreme durability)
• Ball is thrown out with backspin not hit with a bar to warp the ball
• 100% 3 Year Warranty on parts/1 year on the shooting net.
• Free Custom Colors
• Free Logo with furnished artwork
• Setup in less than 60 seconds
• Adjustable high net up to 14 feet
• Programmable drills-elbow to elbow, elbow to baseline and so on
• Adjustable throw 10-35 feet
• Throws to one spot or rotates around to 10 different spots
• Rotates while it returns balls or moves to 10 spots while throwing the perfect pass.

For those parents who are purchasing the unit for home use this is your machine. The resale value on these units is incredibly high due to the durability of these units. You won’t keep the machine forever and want to get a good portion of your investment back. The Gun shooting machines are second to none. Every NBA team has at least 1 machine.

If you have any further questions on the used Shootaway Gun 6000’s please call or text.

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